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First Week in Prague!!!

Dobry Den! (Good Afternoon)

This is my first week in Prague and I can already tell you I absolutely love it! I was a little nervous about not knowing anyone from my program, but everyone is really friendly.  My classmates come from all over the United States…New York, California, Washington, Nevada, Florida, the list goes on. A lot of people are saying I am the first person they have ever met from North Dakota! lol. We have been busy exploring the city and it is a little difficult at first…Czech language is very hard and very, very different from English. Through my program we are taking a two week intensive language course where we will be learning the basics, so my Czech should improve greatly! Just seeing and talking (well trying to) to people on the streets is so interesting. Prague is such a beautiful city, I can not believe I will be living here for four months! The aparments we are living in are great. They are spacious and open…last night a bunch of people came over from my program and we made a big sunday dinner. We actually bought wine from the grocery store in a two liter bottle…for one dollar! Well not the best tasting, but we all had a great time.

Vanessa : )

My roommate Jess and I walking around Prague!

My roommate Jess and I walking around Prague!


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Getting Ready to Leave!!

Hello! I can’t believe that tomorrow I will be leaving for Prague, Czech Republic to study abroad for Fall 2009! What is even more surprising is that last night I was able to pack all my clothes in one suitcase!  Trying to decided what to bring with you for four months abroad is not the easiest thing in the world lol. Other than  packing, I have been busy finishing up a few last minute things and spending time with family and friends. I am ready to go though…the UND Study Abroad Office gave me some great information to prepare me for my experience abroad. I can’t wait to start my amazing adventure in Prague tomorrow!!


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